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Hey Magic players! The scheduling for our new event types is mostly sorted, so here's what's happening the rest of the year. If you're new to the group, we coordinate mostly on Facebook here, but if you like you can contact the store and give us an email for our Magic list as well.
Friday Night Magic from 5:30–9:00 still alternates drafts and casual nights, but we now have foil double-sided tokens for you! Some will be given out randomly, so you might still get one whether you win or not.
Standard Showdown now happens Thursdays alongside board game night, also at 5:30. Initially we'll try with no entry cost, and prize support will consist of exclusive boosters for the top three containing four cards—foils and rares only.
Once you've got your Standard decks rolling, Store Championship happens Friday, December 29th. Winner gets an exclusive playmat, top eight get exclusive deckboxes, and everyone gets a full-art Ghalta, Primal Hunger.
You can buy into Innistrad league starting Monday, with three boosters from your choice of Eldritch Moon, Shadows Over Innistrad and Dark Ascension. We took a vote and the majority favour the honour system, so no need to fill out checklist sheets. We're not allowed to give you the Ixalan League deckboxes so you'll need your own, but as before, you can play as long as you're with one other league member, anywhere, anytime. We'll probably wrap that up shortly before Christmas.
Starting November 24th, if you buy a full box of Ixalan you'll get a Treasure Chest booster containing only foils and rares, including double-faced Ixalan cards with alternate art.
Finally, Wizards has a new thing called Year-End Draft Promotion: any player who enters six drafts at the same store between October 28th and Dec 31st will get two Standard Showdown boosters. On our normal schedule we wouldn't actually have six drafts in that time, but even a casual draft counts, so if you guys want to get together for one—say on a Saturday—it still counts as long as you buy into it here.

That's all until January, when we'll be holding a Prerelease, Open House and Draft Weekend for Rivals of Ixalan. Happy gaming!