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League is a casual Magic format that's welcoming for new players and fun for veterans. You'll start by buying three Ixalan boosters and building a 30-card deck from whatever you get, as well as our basic lands if you need them. We'll meet every Thursday in October at our board game night from 5:30–9:00, but you can also play against anyone else who's in the League at any time between the 5th and 26th. You can buy and add another booster for every three games you lose, plus another for every week the League has run; this includes anyone joining late, so if you can't get here until the 19th, you could buy five boosters on the spot. You can even buy in on another day if you can't make a Thursday.

Each time you add a booster you'll note its contents on an Ixalan checklist sheet—we'll be keeping track of your collection, because adding cards from outside your allotted boosters is against the rules. However, you don't have to keep your collection (in its free League deckbox!) in the store, so you can play with other League members anywhere; we'll report results at the meetup each Thursday.

The League will be scored with one point per game played, one point per win, and one point per unique opponent. When it ends on the 26th we'll give out prize boosters for the League Champion, as well as for the players voted Most Improved and Most Helpful (exact prizes depending on attendance). You keep everything you pulled from your boosters, and anyone who played ten or more games—win or lose—will get a foil Unclaimed Territory. See you there!